Digital Lens Zeiss

Focus on modern life. With ZEISS Digital Lenses you can see the screen of your smartphone, tablet, TV or computer differently. Ideal for digital devices.

In Ukraine, Zeiss digital lenses are represented by stock items

Zeiss Digital Lens Slife 1.5 stock DVBP. Lens power from -4.00 to 0.00 add 0.50 and 1.00

Zeiss Digital Lens Slife 1.6 stock DVBP. Lens power from -6.00 to 0.00 add 0.50 and 1.00

If the strength of the lens differs from the above stock positions, it is possible to order Zeiss prescription digital lenses from a warehouse in Germany.

Solving the problem of digital eye strain.

Every day we look at the screens of smartphones, tablets or computers for at least five hours. Each of us looks at a mobile device up to 80 times a day! These figures are only increasing. The small print and the constant shifting of focus from near to far subjects make our eyes work to the limit. Starting in your 30s, this lifestyle can cause digital eye strain, or, to put it scientifically, computer vision syndrome. With an optimized near area, ZEISS Digital Lenses are the perfect solution for quick and comfortable focus switching, no matter where we look. These lenses are great not only for working with digital devices, but also for reading books and magazines.

The world in pixels is a real test for our eyes.

With the constant use of smartphones, navigation devices, e-readers and tablets, our visual habits are also changing: our eyes have to adjust to a new range of near vision, as we hold digital devices somewhat closer than a newspaper or a book. Our eyes also have to constantly switch between different distances. These visual functions put our eyes on a big, often very big load: more and more people suffer from myopia, or complain about problems with their eyes or their health in general.


What is digital eye strain?

In just a fraction of a second, our eyes have to shift their gaze from a distant object to a nearby object: from distant objects to small displays, small fonts and compressed information - and back; after that we again look at distant objects. This behavior causes excessive tension on the ciliary muscle and the lens, which have to constantly adapt to the object we are looking at. This can lead to headaches and neck pain, burning eyes, or general eye fatigue, and with age, the likelihood of these symptoms increases significantly.

How ZEISS Digital Lenses can help you:


- ZEISS Digital Lenses provide stress-free vision and excellent visual acuity when using smartphones or tablets, making it easier for your eyes to focus.

- Comfortable near vision allows you to relax your eye muscles and at the same time maintain the ability to focus.

- Fast and easy habituation, unsurpassed wearer tolerance, easy adjustment even for the untrained eye.

- ZEISS Digital Lenses are suitable for all situations that you may encounter during the day, eliminating the need to change glasses.

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