Why it is important to undergo prophylactic examinations for children and adolescents

The opportunity to see is an invaluable gift of nature. Thanks to the sight, a person receives up to ninety percent information from the outside world. It is necessary to take care of the health of the eyes from birth to old age. Basically, the violation of the functionality of the eye organs develops in childhood and adolescence, therefore it is really important to detect pathologies in time and, if necessary, to undergo medical courses appointed by a specialist.

The ophthalmologist (Vinnitsa) of the Optics Ochi salon will carry out a qualitative examination and will put an accurate diagnosis in children of any age.

At what age are scheduled eye examinations

A child is born with not completely formed organs of visual perception. The visual structure begins to develop and improve from the moment the embryo appears and is fully formed to the age of six or seven. In some cases, the process of improving the organs of vision continues until fourteen to fifteen years. Approximately ten percent of children have a high visual acuity at the age of three.

Conducting preventive examinations in children's medical and junior educational institutions are held at the age of:

  • three months;
  • one-year-old;
  • three years;
  • six years.

For students in middle and high school, according to the plan, the sight test is in the fifth, seventh and ninth grades. Given that the formation of vision in childhood is changing intensely under the influence of external stimuli, professionals believe that such a large gap between planned studies is unacceptable. Most experts insist that for the successful formation of a quality work of the visual system and the timely detection of acquired diseases, a preventive examination should be carried out once every six months, at least once a year.

Advantages of professional examinations in the salon Optics Ochi

Clinical examinations conducted in state polyclinics can not guarantee the full detection of vision disorders. This is explained by the inadequate availability of medical facilities and limited time allocated to the doctor for the survey. For example, a full vision examination (Vinnitsa) in the salon Optics Ochi takes maximum 1.5 hours, and the reception at the clinic lasts (according to the regulations established by the Ministry of Health) in only twelve minutes. At the same time, as a rule, only the visual acuity is determined, which is not enough to reveal a number of other childhood eye diseases.

The oculist (Vinnytsia) of the Optics Ochi salon inspects children at an early and adolescent age for all necessary indications using special high-precision equipment and guarantees the detection of any abnormalities in the work of the visual organs at the earliest stages of the onset of the disease.

Scheduled prophylaxis allows you to maintain high-quality vision and completely cure most of the eye diseases when they are detected.