Ultrasonic glasses cleaning


Wizard Tips:

- Clean glasses with ultrasound once every six months

- For self-cleaning, use lens spray and microfiber cloths

Your glasses need competent – ​​or better, professional – care. Ultrasonic cleaning is the best way to remove dirt. Over time, glasses lose their original appearance - dirt, dust accumulate on them, and not only lenses suffer, but the frame itself. This gradually degrades the quality of the lenses and adversely affects vision.

How to clean glasses

 At home, cleaning glasses is quite difficult - and improper care can even ruin the product. For example, if you use materials that are not intended for this: sleeves or clothing floors, scarves, towels. In everyday life, cleaning can be done with special wipes for wiping glasses, as well as various sprays for lenses.

 Ultrasonic Cleaning: Benefits

 Ultrasound is the best way to really clean and safely clean: it is the most effective way to remove dirt and restores the original look of your glasses. This helps to clean the surface of even the strongest and hard-to-reach contaminants, which are especially often formed in the area of ​​the nose pads and in the places where the lenses come into contact with the frame, provoking the appearance and growth of various microbes. Ultrasonic cleaning gently removes dirt without damaging lenses and frames. A solution is poured into a special ultrasonic bath, where glasses are placed. This is a fairly quick procedure that takes approximately 10-15 minutes. Attention! Cleaning is only suitable for metal frames. It cannot remove existing scratches and damage!