1. It is necessary to put on and take off the glasses with two hands or one hand behind the bridge of the frame to prevent deformation

and frame breakage.

2. Do not put the glasses on a hard surface with the lenses down or not

allow the glasses to fall.

3. Your glasses should be stored in a hard case, inside

with a soft coating.

4. The lenses of your glasses should be clean: they should be wiped with a microfibre cloth "for glasses" using a lens cleaning spray. Do not wipe the lenses

in a dry state, especially with remnants of sand, sea salt

(when sea salt water evaporates) – you can scratch the lenses.

5. Do not use organic solvents (acetone, alcohol and alcohol-containing products) to clean frames and lenses and

others aggressive substances.

6. Do not expose the glasses to excessive heat

(more than 50 degrees Celsius): do not wear in a steam room/sauna; not

look into a hot open oven; do not use

during welding; do not go close to the fire with glasses; do not leave glasses near objects that heat up - a hot stove, heating devices, etc.; do not leave in the car under the glass, especially in the warm season.

7. In the cold season, to prevent fogging of lenses in glasses, use "Anti-fog" lens spray.

8. It is not possible to independently bend the frame, heat it, bend it, etc

repair braces Contact an optician for

individual adjustment of your glasses

9. Glasses should not be worn on the head as an ornament, such as a frame


10. Pay attention to fastening screws in glasses, like all moving mechanisms - they require periodic prevention,

namely twisting. Contact an optician.

Sincerely: "OCHI" OPTICS