Ochi Optics Workshop provides services for the installation of lenses by prescription of an ophthalmologist.

We specialize:

  - glasses with diopters for farsightedness and nearsightedness

  - Computer glasses

  - sports glasses

  - glaucoma glasses

  - photochromic glasses

  - office, bifocal

  - progressive glasses.

Glasses making steps

The first step is vision diagnostics. The patient must visit an ophthalmologist who performs an examination using modern equipment and research methods.

In patients with astigmatism, the spherical size and the "cylinder" - the difference between the meridians are measured. Also indicate the position of the axis (from 0° to 180°). This indicator may differ from a round number. Therefore, in the manufacture of lenses for astigmatism, an individual approach is required.

Patients with anisometropia - the difference in the optical power of the right and left eyes, are also not suitable for ready-made glasses. These features are reflected in the doctor's prescription. Interpupillary distance in finished optical products is 62-64 mm. If the patient has it less or more, or the distance from the pupil of the right and left eyes to the bridge of the nose is different, then it is necessary to order prescription glasses.

With the issued prescription, the patient is sent to the optics salon. Preliminary in the salon there is a selection of frames, which takes into account the wishes of the customer and the parameters from the recipe.

The lenses are placed in the machine. After processing is completed, the lens is inserted into the frame and the product is checked on the diopter. Ready glasses are taken by the client.