Eyeglass lens tinting. Types and purposes.

The most physiological colors of eyeglass lenses are brown and gray. Optics Masters "Ochi" can also tint lenses in seven other colors in various shades and several gradations.

Tint color characteristics

-Brown is a warm shade that emphasizes contrasts due to its very bright perception. This shade is recommended especially for nearsighted people.

-Green reduces light intensity without impairing color perception. This shade is suitable for all recipes.

- Gray is primarily recommended for farsighted people. Provides exceptional color perception in all lighting conditions.

- Black is suitable for anyone exposed to very intense light. This hue provides true-to-life colors.

Ochi Optics offers two different gradations for each shade to suit the needs of all contact lens wearers.

-Classic gradation (from 85% to 0%) for a purely aesthetic effect.

- Medium gradation (from 85% to 35%) for those who are looking for reliable eye protection, which is provided by a darker color at the bottom of the lens.