Glasses repair

Optics "Ochi" provides services of any complexity in the repair of frames and sunglasses.

Our workshop is equipped with high-precision equipment, so you can be sure of the quality of services. It is enough for you to bring your glasses to any convenient Ochi Optics store and arrange a repair service.

To repair glasses, you need to bring the broken glasses clean. If it is not possible to clean them, Optics "Ochi" provides an ultrasonic cleaning service for glasses.

Installation and replacement of screws or nuts, lenses.

Lenses may fall out during active wear of the frame.

If, when the frame is damaged, the lenses fell out and were damaged, our specialists will offer to replace the lens of any optical power, index and functionality.

We do not recommend making independent repairs, filling the place where the screw fell out with glue, as this may further complicate the work of the master.

Silicone nose pad replacement

If your glasses have lost the nose pad, it has turned yellow or hard, then gently replace it.

Over time, the silicone on the nose pads roughens or wears away, becoming hard and bumpy. When interacting with the bridge of the nose, it leaves unpleasant sensations and can even damage the skin.

Replacing the nose pads will improve the appearance of the glasses, reduce pressure on the skin and return wearing comfort.

Ultrasonic frame cleaning

This is a procedure that includes manual or hardware cleaning using special tools and an ultrasonic cleaning device.

This event allows you to clean the glasses from various contaminants that occur when they are used glasses.

Replacement of the temple, tips of the temple

If the temples are lost or damaged, the paint is peeling off, the metal is damaged, or any other problem, our masters will be able to pick up the temples, as well as replace the tips.

It should be borne in mind that plastic, silicone, metal temples and tips have different sizes, colors and shapes.

Replacing or installing fishing line

The line is used in semi-rimmed eyeglass designs. If the frame is handled carelessly, the fishing line may be damaged and must be replaced with a new one.

This is considered a complex repair that requires jewelry precision and will be done by the most experienced craftsmen. After such a repair, the glasses will serve you for more than one year!

Frame straightening

Glasses on the surface should rest and stand strictly on 4 points: on 2 tips of the temples and on 2 lenses. In some cases, the master can straighten the frame, taking into account the asymmetry of the face.

If your glasses are crooked or loose, began to move out on your face, or vice versa, they press too hard and cause discomfort, then they need to be straightened.

Our masters will straighten absolutely any models of glasses.